A Room with a View

If like me you’re already getting nostalgic for the long, bright days of summer and outdoor living, make sure you optimise the view of your outside space so that you can enjoy it to the full from inside once the autumnal chill kicks in.





Garden view 3

Windows should be dressed to frame the garden and show it off to best advantage. (Incidentally, by the same token, an ugly view can be cleverly hidden by making a feature of the window itself rather than drawing the eye to the outside, but that’s for another post…).

How to achieve it?…here are a few hints:

  • Keep the window reveal colour scheme simple so that the window frames don’t shout and draw attention to themselves, and choose colours which blend with the natural colours of the planting and the sky outside.Garden view 4



  • Consider the aspect of your room, and make the most of the light you get: if it’s south or west facing the light will be stronger, very different from the soft light of a north facing window. Choose paint colours that enhance it.
  • Wallpaper in a window reveal will make it harder to appreciate the view, since the eye will be confused as to what it is supposed to be looking at!
  • Make sure your curtains/blinds/shutters don’t dwarf or obscure the window, it’s better to keep window treatments minimal.

I believe that great house interiors also need great garden design… it’s as important as great lighting. Like lighting, complementary garden design has enormous power to enhance and unify a property, as well as create a sense of harmony and calm. What’s the point of creating a beautiful room which looks onto an ugly and un-cared for outdoor space?

With the help of Samantha Willis http://www.samanthawillisgardendesign.co.uk/  we created this lovely garden for a cottage renovation in Oxford recently…the eye is drawn through the large bi-fold doors onto a formal enclosed terrace, and then beyond to the garden with soft natural planting complementing the established beech and silver birches…


Garden design 3Garden design 2









In this recent project, the contemporary style of the terrace is complemented by the very simple regular lines of the garden which optimise privacy, light and space…









Here are a few more inspirational photos I snapped this summer…

View of the cottage from the courtyard

View of the cottage from the courtyard



Kitchen garden gate

Kitchen garden gate









Alchemilla mollis adorns this old water feature

Alchemilla mollis adorns this old water feature



Wild Herefordshire garden

Wild Herefordshire garden



















Add a piece of sculpture…

Garden sculpture 5





Funky http://www.davidharber.co.uk/























Barn conversion garden…

Garden with out-buildings



The colour of the nepeta complements the paint colour of the barn, and both contrast beautifully with the shingle path

The colour of the nepeta grandiflora complements the paint colour of the barn, and both contrast beautifully with the shingle path
















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