Time to Spring Clean and De-Clutter!

According to ancient Chinese philosophy the home is a reflection of the individual, and if it is cluttered or chaotic it indicates that the owner’s own life may be unbalanced… Even if you don’t hold with Feng Shui, it’s important to think objectively about clutter which, let’s face it, afflicts most of us!┬áThe nature of clutter is that it is disorganised, and makes no sense. You can’t find what you’re looking for, too many things are waiting to be dealt with and you can’t cross a room without stepping on odds and ends that have no home. Worst of all is the ingrained notion that you can’t possibly throw anything away as it may ‘come in useful’ at some point in the next milennium!

A space will seem much bigger if it’s tidy, and ironically small rooms are much harder to keep tidy than larger ones. The problem is that objects are important to us and stimulate us cognitively, but when we have too many of them surrounding us they take over and the important ones get lost.

So… ask a friend to help you if you know you’re a hoarder, and allow them to be ruthless with you! They will be objective and help you to sort the necessary items from those that have passed their sell by date.

…and make sure you have enough storage.

Modular storage from IKEA can be a cost effective solution, and this shoe storage cupboard in a white gloss finish from Dwell could be the answer to clearing away kicked off footwear.


Good storage is particularly important in bedrooms for a calm, ordered life. Built-in storage can help keep the lines of the room clean and avoid clutter. Individual pieces, such as free standing armoires, can balance the size and scale of the bed and add style, detail and useful surfaces.


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